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By Kevin | 10 January 2024 | 0 Comments

Bentonite tank in drilling fluid solids control system

Bentonite is a nature mineral soil. When met water, it will expand. So it is widely used in drilling fluid to stop leaking, clean the drilling hole, fix the well wall and keep drilling hole moist. 

To protect the environment, the bentonite is stayed in the drilling fluid and need store in the tank. So the bentonite tank is usually open top and has two pipes will valves. At each side of it, it will have a window to see the sediment.

We Tangshan AngXin Technology's bentonite tank can be used 10 years. Usually each tank size is 8000x2500x3000mm, company with bottom base, stairs, hand rail and passage. Each tank side is 8mm thickness Q325 steel sheet, and has U-steel reinforce.


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