Triplex Plunger Pump

Triplex plunger pump is feeding fracturing fluid to fracturing truck. It is a high pressure pump.
Triplex plunger pump is a high pressure plunger pump. It is used in fracturing truck. Supply fracturing fluid to fracturing truck. On the fracturing truck, there is one engine, so it does not contain engine, only using the plunger pump's output shaft to contact with engine's shaft.

 YL400  YL700
Input power
 280 KW
Plunger Qty
Plunger diameter 
 115mm  90mm
Max. Pressure
 40 Mpa  70 Mpa
Discharge capacity
 23.5 m3/h  13.5 m3/h
Pump speed
 79 min-1  75min-1
Max. discharge capacity
 80 m3/h
Speed ratio of external reducer  4.59
Suction size
 5 inch
Discharge size
 2 inch
Net weight
 3250 kgs


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