48-30 shale shaker screens

Item No.: 48
48-30 pinnacle shale shaker screens fit for FLC2000 shale shakers and mud cleaners.
This shaker screen is the replacement shaker screen of 48-30 (2000 Series) screens,  48 x 30 screens fit all FLC 2000™ 3- and 4-panel shale shakers, FLC with AWD, FLC Plus™, HI-G ® Dryer and the Cascade 2000. They are available in pinnacle panels. Fast, easy and reliable screen panel tensioning is provided by two pairs of Rapid-Change draw bolts on each side of each screen panel.
Main datas:

Model 48-30 (FLC2000)
Wire mesh material and type SS304 and pinnacle type
Size 697x1053 土 2mm
Weight 6 土0.3 KG


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