Dump valves mud tank bottom valves

Dump valves used at the bottom of mud tanks to control each tank's drilling fluid or clear water's open and close.

Dump valve is a spare part for mud tank, water tank and other containers inside the mud or liquid introduction and prevent mud or liquid usurp each other and control of a device. The device composed of 50 different parts closely, the forming precision between components, resolve customer in the process of slurry or liquid phase control can better prevent the container between the warehouse and container and container open or closed, achieve zero is sealed between slurry and liquid containers, container directly operation control, commonly used is the field of oilfield drilling equipment.


Working principle of dump valves

End of mud tank dump valve (bottom valve) including the outer tube, connecting rod, connecting tube, screw, outer tube bottom side connected to the pipe, connecting rod set outer tube, screw connected to the outer tube of the connecting rod, connecting rod connected to the set at the bottom of the outer tube sealing rubber, sealing rubber base and Mosaic of sealing, the valve base for medial pyramidal structure of the inclined plane, the sealing rubber surface in contact with the valve base and valve base for the same slope, slope gradient sealing rubber by upper and lower two pieces of round metal plate fixation;The connecting part of the outer pipe and the outer cylinder of the lead screw is above the tank surface.The utility model improves the sealing property of the submarine valve itself, and the conical sealing structure reduces the axial bearing capacity of the lead screw to the sealing rubber by about 20%, thus prolongs the service life of the rubber rubber, and the connecting part of the outer pipe and the outer cylinder of the lead screw is raised above the tank surface, meeting the requirements of rapid maintenance.


Advantage of straight path energy mud tank bottom flow valve

1. Good sealing performance, reduce running leakage.

2. It is made of 50 kinds of parts and components.

3. Flexible steering and convenient operation.

4. Strong practicality, high cost performance, less vulnerable parts, durable leather.


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