HDPE V Lock Lining Sheet Tunneling Segment

HDPE V Lock linning sheet is also called ancher sheet. It's used in tunneling, shield tunneling to strength the concrete performance.
The HDPE V Lock linning sheet also called anchor sheet. It combines the advantages of thermoplastics (good flexibility, ductility and corrosion resistance) with the characteristics of concrete (high strength and rigidity) , it can not only meet the high requirement of acid-resistance structure, but also prevent the deterioration of concrete, which can prolong the building service life, meanwhile it can prevent leakage and penetration to protect the environment directly. The special anchoring system is suitable for buildings under pressure, and it is widely used for pipe liners with reparable defects, such as penetration, abrasion, partial collapse, corrosion, disconnection, etc.

We have two types, one is V Lock heigh 13mm, another is V Lock height 19mm.
The Sheet base thickness can be 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm. Below 4mm is a roll, and upper than 4mm is a sheet. Also can customised, the colour can be yellow, white, gray, black and blue.



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