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AngXin Technology Group Arrived at CBM Drilling Site to Exchange with Workers

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Author : Kevin
Update time : 2019-08-17 09:49:38
AngXin Technology Co.,Ltd 's sales and technical people arrived at CBM drilling site to do exchange with workers. This CBM's drilling mud system was purchased from our company. The whole project only need 3 months.

One the drilling site we got that there do not need the drilling waste management system at site. Because all the drilling fluid will be delivery by trucks to a place do centralized processing. 

The whole drilling mud system include 14 mud tanks, the equipment include one mud gas separator, one flare ignition devices, two sets shale shakers, one set vacuum degasser, one set desander, one set desilter and one set decanter centrifuge. The workers told us, the shale shaker need one set is OK, the second one is just prepare. Almost no using.
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