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ZJ70 drilling rig's md system finished and deliveried to client at first time

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Author : Kevin
Update time : 2018-05-04 15:53:00

In oil and gas drilling, ZJ50 and ZJ70 are bigger drilling rigs, so their mud system has bigger treating capacity. In the beginning of this year, we signed 3 sets of mud systems for ZJ70 drilling rigs in gas well drilling. This mud system contain 6 mud recycling tanks, which contain one conical sand tank, and the total effective volume is 216.5 m3. The pipe's working pressure can reach 6MPa and clear water pipes' working pressure is 0.6 MPa. 

The main equipment are 3 sets Shale shakers, 1 set Mud cleaner, 1 set middle speed Decanter centrifuge, 1 set high speed Decanter centrifuge, 1 set Vaccum degasser, 2 sets 55KW Sand pumps and 2 sets 75KW Increase pumps. 11 Mud agitators with mud guns. 

For the drilling site need arrange production quickly, so once finished and tested well, we arranged the delivery at first time though at night.

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