Jet Mud Mixer Single Hopper

Item No.: SLH-jet mud mixer
Port: Tianjin Xingang Port
Delivery time: 15 days
Hopper: Venturi type
Valve: butterfly valve
Jet mud mixer also called mud mixing hopper. It is an equipment to match with the drilling mud solid control system. It is used for mixing and adjusting the proportion of drilling mud, changing the density, viscosity and water loss etc. It is can be designed one mud hooper with centrifugal pump, and also can be double hoppers with two centrifugal pumps. Also can be matched with shearing pump.

Model Flow Rate Work pressure Motor power Inlet size Outlet size Ex-proof Standard Weight Dimensions (mm)
AXJ750-45 320 m3/h   0.25-0.4 Mpa 75 KW DN200 (8") DN150 (6")   ExDIIBt4 2062 kgs 2200x1840x1070
AXJ550-45 270 m3/h 55 KW DN200 (8") DN150 (6") 1732 kgs 2200x1840x1020
AXJ450-35 200 m3/h  45 KW DN150 (6") DN150 (6") 1582 kgs 2200x1840x1060
AXJ370-35 150 m3/h 37 KW DN150 (6") DN 150 (6") 1492 kgs 2200x1840x1060
AXJ300-35 120 m3/h 30 KW DN125 (5") DN 150 (6") 1340 kgs 2200x1840x1020



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