Linear Motion Shale Shaker

Item No.: S shaker
Ocean port: Tianjin Xingang China
Payment: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Delivery time: 15 days
Linear motion shale shaker is the first phase solid control equipment in oil well drilling. Its function is removing the bigger drilling cuttings in the drilling mud. Usually in one set solids control system, there are two sets of linear motion shale shaker on the mud tank, one set using, the other set in reserve. So the tank is also called shale shaker tank. 

Models AXSS702 AXSS703 AXSS704 AXHGSS804
Vibration Mode Linear motion
Treating capacity 70 m3/h 120 m3/h 150 m3/h 150 m3/h
Motor power 2x0.75KW 2x1.5KW 2x1.72KW 2x1.94KW
Screen quantity 2 pieces 3 pieces 4 pieces 4 pieces
Screen size 750 x 900mm 1165x585mm 1165 x585mm 1165 x 585mm
Screen area 1.35 m2 2.04  m2 2.73  m2 2.73  m2
Output force 7.0 G 7.2 G 7.5 G 8.0 G
Double amplitude 3.92-5.63 mm 4.14-5.96mm 4.4-6.34mm 4.4-6.34mm
Deck adjustment +2° -3 -+3° -3 -+3° -3 -+3°
Weir height 550 mm 885 mm 885 mm 885 mm
Explosion-proof  ExDIIBt4
Weight 837 kgs 1365 kgs 1553 kgs 1520 kgs
Dimensions 1940x1360x970 mm 2322x1650x1400 mm 2912x1650x1425 mm 2650x1650x1425 mm


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