M15D Mud Mixing System

Item No.: 32
The mud mixing system is fit for HDD drilling rigs.

The M15 Mud Mixing System is manufactured to meet the required capacity.
Mixers will match HDD rig mounted high pressure pumps as well as larger stand-alone high pressure pumps. Any Mud Mixing System is available with Engines as well as Electrical Motors. All Mixing Equipment Pumps are of international known standards and are made of wear resistant Hard Iron Cast Steel, have long life mechanical shaft seals with backup packings.

The M15 Mud Mixing System has a large size steel tank and attached mixer area with workdeck, hopper and below the engine, pump, venturi system, pipes and valves.
The delivery capacity is 1500 ltr/min. The use of a high shear venturi system, a tank eductor nozzle pipe and high speed flow circulation guarantees a rapid homogeneous bentonite/water mixture.


Delivery: 1500 ltr/min.
Engine: Hatz, Kubota or Perkins.
Pump: US 250Style with mechanical seal.
Mix tank: 15.000 ltr.
Connections: 4″ inlet and 4″ outlet.
Painting: high gloss finish paint in customer RAL color.


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