Mud Gas Separator/Poor Boy Degasser

Item No.: mud gas separator
Material: 12mm thickness vessel plate, high pressure
Min. order: 1 set
Pipes: contain with poor boy degasser
Payment: T/T, L/C, Western Union
One drilling site must has one set mud gas separator. The drilling fluid from well contain big bubbles, so firstly it is taken into the mud gas separator. Inner of the mud gas separator has many inclined plates, the drilling fluid with bubbles will knock the plate and then the bubbles are broken, so the gas was released and discharged from gas line. The gas line is connected with flare ignition device, the gas will be burned.

Mud gas separator is high and has low price, the function is removing the waste gas, so it is also called poor boy degasser. 

Model and Parameters 
Model   FLQ800   FLQ1000  FCQ1200
Vessel diameter   Ø800mm   Ø100mm  Ø1200mm
Treating capacity   240m3/h   300m3/h  380m3/h
Feed inlet pipe size   5"   5"    5"
Fluid discharge pipe size   8"   10"   10"
Vent line diameter   8"   8"    8"
Weight 1650kg 2000kg 3200kg
Dimension (L*W*H) 1900×1900×5700mm 2000×2000×5860mm 2200×2200×6634mm

Mud gas separator's connection line is flange connection, 6m each one.


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