Vacuum Degasser

Item No.: ZKCQQ-vacuum degasser
Min.Order Quantity: 1 set
Supply Ability: 10 Set/Sets per Month
Port: Tianjin Xingang
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
Vacuum degasser can quickly eliminate the invaded gas from the drilling fluid, restore drilling mud proportion , keep mud viscosity performance and improve the quality of drilling mud. So this type vacuum degasser is also called vertical degasser.

Model ZCQ240 ZCQ270 ZCQ300 ZCQ360
Vessel diameter 700mm 800mm 900mm 1000mm
Treating capacity ≤240 m3/h ≤270 m3/h ≤300 m3/h ≤360 m3/h
Vacuum pressure -0.030-0.045MPa -0.030-0.050MPa -0.030-0.055MPa -0.040-0.065MPa
Ratio 1.68 1.68 1.68 1.72
Efficiency ≥95% ≥95% ≥95% ≥95%
Main motor 15KW 22KW 30KW 37KW
Vacuum pump motor 2.2KW 3KW 4KW 5.5KW
Impeller speed 860RPM 870RPM 876RPM 880RPM
Dimension 1750×860×1500mm 2000×1000×1670mm 2250×1330×1650mm 2400×1500×1850mm
Weight 1100kg 1350kg 1650kg 1800kg



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