DP 600 Pinnacle Shaker Screens

Item No.: 38
DP 600 series pinnacle shaker screen fits for  DP 616 shakers, DP 616 shakers, DP 618 shakers and DP 628 shakers.
This shaker screen is the replacement shaker screen of 600 screens, fit for 616, 618, 626, 628 shale shakers. They are available in pinnacle panels, Fast easy and reliable screen panel tensioning is provided by two pairs of Rapid-Change draw bolts of on each size of each screen panel.
Application area
Applications - in the oil and gas industry, namely drilling oil and gas wells.

Main design data:
Model 600 series
Wire mesh material and type SS304 / Pinnacle type
Size 626 x 710mm
Weight 5土 0.3 kgs


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